About Emily Pineau

Hi everyone! My name is Emily, and I love stories about unconventional relationships and overcoming pain.

I’m an editorial assistant for a medical publisher, and a poetry editor for a literary magazine. I write poetry & young adult realistic fiction, and believe that writing can heal.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition that has greatly impacted my life: I have Mastocytosis.

In a nutshell, my mast cells overreact/misbehave and cause chaos in my body, acting as if I am allergic to everything. This results in rashes, hives, intense facial flushing, GI problems, and nerve pain. Some days are better than others.

This photo was taken on National Rare Disease day (2/28/18), where I painted my face as part of the #ShowYourRare campaign.

This blog is for the healed and the healing, the healthy and the unhealthy. I hope that my poems, articles, and other content on this blog help you navigate through your own struggles.